the essence of photography from time, empowered through the moment, defined through perspective, carried by emotions, its surfaces branded by texture, filled with color or plain black and white, the result - harmony, or the desire of chaos.

The creative palette and the endless possibilities of a photographer consists not only of artistical and stilistical options, but often only comes to life through feelings and emotions - the special inner connection between human and "object".

Most photos need time and patience, an open mind for its creation, while the feelings of the creator guides it to its final form - a picture. But of course the same ingredients holds true for the viewer as well.

When you look into the viewfinder of a camera or at a picture, in that special moment, what you see is possibly a vision into your own soul - the mirrored view of oneself.
But the question is, what do you seek and what do you expect to see, when one gazes on the object of desire?

Will i create my own romantical vision, stay with the reality, or maybe create myself?

This self-discovery, to confront your own creations, to experience your own emotions, discovery, even just to find out and reach for the limits - this is, what truly fascinates me about this art form.

In my opinion, you can spend more than a lifetime experiencing photography, because the time - one of the most precious ingredients - will never stop and every situation, every moment will put your own views and emotions to the test. Seeing, encountering, discovery - these will never loose its own excitement.

A photo grasps, fascinates, illuminates, speaks for itself and often tells a story.

I want to give you an insight into my world of seeing and hopefully maybe in yours as well.