on a new path

Over the last decade i found myself on a constant journey searching for my own way, place and vision in and with photography.

While i was working on color styles and settings, experiencing changing moods, living through different challenging passages in my life, with my photography i found out, that I was actually discovering myself, my own feelings and what is really important for me.

I like to think that at least at one point in your life, you will find yourself at a special place at a special time, gazing into the far distance, muted colors, the ears go numb, fading focus of the eyes, where your thoughts drift like in a fog in slow motion, where you ask yourself "What is this world to me?".

In search of undiscovered beauty in even simple things, patterns and colors, i am letting my answers to that very special question, my perspective directly influence the creation process of my artworks.
Especially in these times in my opinion it is unbelievably important to get to your own conclusion, to understand for yourself, what's the worth of all these fleeting moments and life.

My name is Christian, and I am a Berlin-based photographer.
Growing up in a colorful metropolis full of contrasts and contradictions, origin of manifold art and music, as well as home for many cultures greatly affected my way of perception and the value of diversity.